Prairie Empire - Prairie Empire CD/LP

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Coming in June - the Prairie Empire S/T 12" LP will be packaged in a wonderful gatefold LP jacket. Containing the tracks:

1. Tenfold
2. Song For You
3. Give
4. Under Hum
5. Summer Light
6. Snow
7. Winter Came
8. Where You Are
9. Patience & Grace
10. Pieces, Parts

Recorded in a Portland living room, contains a rich and string-heavy sonic palette of Ashford's lovely plucking, along with cello, violin, viola, drums, trumpet, and no shortage of vocal harmonizing. Supporting cast on the LP includes Mark Robertson, Andrew Campbell, Robert Reynolds, Caitlin Steitzer, Shenandoah Davis, Chris Miller, Matt Iverson, and Vincent Covarrubius.

"The nights that Brittain Ashford sings about with her Prairie Empire project are ones that take you on walks that will last the duration of the evening. You'll hear the night birds. You'll feel the yellow eyes of the nocturnal creatures coming alive, impatiently waiting for you to get off their lawns so they can find some breakfast and something warm to chase. "